Vitamin C – God’s Natural Antibiotic

Every cell in your body uses Vitamin C. It is well known for its immune fighting and antioxidant properties and one of the most popular dietary nutritional supplements recommended. Commonly taken with Echinacea to fight the onset of colds and flu, C vitamins should be a regular part of any health program.

The body does not manufacture or store Vitamin C, so it is essential to obtain it through your diet or supplementing. For those who find it difficult to take pills, there’s a crystal formula which also maximizes absorption, and a time released capsule, perfect to maintain a steady levels in the body (especially important for those at risk of heart disease).

Vitamin C health benefits:

boosts the immune system

fights against heart disease, stroke and cancer

fights against bacteria and viruses

antioxidant agent to prevent free radical damage

protects joints and connective tissue

builds and repairs collagen and connective tissue

decreases symptoms of asthma

contributes to anti-aging and longevity

aids in reducing inflammation

lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and improves circulation

aids in the absorption’s of iron, calcium, and magnesium

Research shows that most fatal heart attacks occur early in the morning, when there are lower levels of Vitamin C in the blood stream. It also shows that those with low levels of vitamins C in their blood are two and a half times more likely to have a stroke.

According to biochemist and researcher Dr. Alfred Libby, ‘God made a perfect gift for mankind when he gave us Vitamin C. It is the perfect antibiotic alternative for many conditions that adversely affect the body. Although the medical community has often dismissed the preventative benefits of dietary and nutritional supplements, this is not one of them as most of us were taught the value of this vital supplement. Enjoy the benefits of a strong immune system with improved health and well-being.