Safe, Natural Solutions For Women’s Health Issues – Including PMS and Menopause Relief

Safe and effective alternative treatment of symptoms of Menopause and PMS are available through natural herbs such as Dong Quai, Wild Yam and Black Cohosh. Approximately six million American women take hormone replacement therapy which is now under review as a result of a federal study known as the Women’s health initiative. This study found that combined Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) with estrogen and progestin raises a women’s risk of heart disease, stroke and breast cancer and may worsen symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Menopause –

Hormonal imbalance during Menopause (and Peri/Post Menoupause) may cause hot flashes, mood swings, camping, bloating, fatigue and more. Women’s hormones control her growth, reproductive cycle, energy, mood and emotional state.

Natural supplements supply the body with the nutrients necessary to regain and retain hormonal balance, including Wild Yam, Don Quai, Black Cohosh and includes nutrients to replenishes calcium and reduces salt-sensitive hypertension.

PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome) –

Approximately eighty percent of women of reproductive age experience PMS symptoms. Bloating, painful cramping, headache, mood swings are common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

PMS formulas work by correcting the imbalance between the pituitary gland, ovaries, uterus, thyroid and liver which cause often debilitating premenstrual syndrome symptoms. It includes Chaste Berry, a potent herb to support hormone imbalance; and Cramp Bark, a remedy helpful for uterine colic (cramps), pain of the uterus, ovaries and erratic pelvic cramps.