Is There a Natural Solution For Nerve Damage and Pain Relief? YES!

Inflammation is at the root of almost all pain. Neural damage also cause tremendous pain and is believed to effect approximately 30% of the population over 50 years. Pain robs you of freedom to do the things you want to, shortens your temper and takes away our most precious gift, time. It is also the number one reason for visits to the doctor’s office. With the discovery of anti-inflammatories came the consequence of often devastating side effects of the digestive system and internal organs. Many are still unaware that natural solutions to pain management, sciatica, carpal tunnel and other pain and neural issues that cause pain are available that address the underlying problem, inflammation.

How do natural pain relief alternatives work?

Inflamed joints, muscles and other tissues need specialized nutrition to support healthy function and pain management. A small number of herbs and other natural compounds have been found to effectively inhibit specific enzyme systems necessary to block pain without damaging side effects.

Pain management and relief effective for:

*osteoarthritis, *rheumatoid arthritis, *fibromyalgia, *lupus, *neck pain, *back pain, *headaches, *menstrual cramps, *acute/chronic pain injuries, *sports injuries, *TMJ syndrome (temporomandibular joint/clenching of the jaw)

Formulas for pain relief are available in both Pain Supplements and Pain Gel.

The Gel formulas are highly concentrated and potent blend of herbs proven to block all enzyme pathways causing inflammation and pain. They Include a very specific blend of herbs in a soothing, cooling non-greasy gel which absorbs rapidly and completely. Effective in blocking enzyme systems know to produce chemicals which lead to inflammation and pain. They also include ingredients beneficial to joint health, promotes deep level penetration to pain source, stimulates local blood flow and floods area with antioxidants to combat free radical damage which cause further tissue damage and pain.

How doe natural nerve damage relief supplements formulas work? 

Until recently, it was believed nerve damage was irreversible. Research has now uncovered Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a protein known to contribute to nerve regeneration and repair. Assisting the body in the production of this nutrient-rich environment is necessary for Nerve Growth Factor production.

Effective for relief from: *nerve damage and disease, especially in cases of peripheral neuropathy (such as diabetes) *chronic neck and lower back nerve dysfunction *carpal tunnel syndrome (and nerve entrapment problems) *post-herpetic neuralgia, sciatica, facial pain from nerve damage *ticks, muscle contractions and generalized nervous system dysfunction.