Enjoy More Energy & Stamina – & Reduce Risk of Heart Disease With Vitamin-B12, B-6 & Folic Acid

B12, B6 & Folic Acid

If you are suffering from fatigue, irritability or depression it may be a Vitamin B-12 deficiency. Over 40 percent of Americans are believed to be clinically deficient in essential B vitamins and complain of chronic fatigue and/or depression. Many conditions are linked to B-12 deficiency, including high levels of homocysteine, a known primary cause of heart disease and stroke. Elevated homosysteine levels increase the risk of artery blockage which can cause heart attack and stroke. Vitamin B-12, B-6 and folic acid work together to reduce homocysteine levels and even reverse artery blockage.

Health benefits of Vitamin B-12, B-6 and folic acid:

Increase energy and stamina

Combat depression, heart attacks and strokes

Assist memory and mental clarity

Lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Aid treatment of MS, diabetes and asthma

Prevent nerve damage

Calm elevated stress levels

Promote a restful sleep

Folic acid essential for prenatal health of baby

Decrease symptoms of neuro-psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and dementia

Many have heard of B-12 vitamins associated with painful injections to improve energy. Unfortunately, supplementing with oral B-12 looses its effectiveness as it is difficult for the body to absorb. Recently, biochemist Drs have developed a method of delivery which works equally as well as a shot. The sublingual vitamin B12, combined with vitamins B6 and folic acid, is placed under the tongue and is directly absorbed into the bloodstream bypassing the digestive tract. This is especially important for the prenatal health of expectant mothers (folic acid) and for those over forty years, as their ability to absorb B-12 is dramatically lost.

When purchasing vitamin B-12 we suggest a supplement which includes vitamin B6 and folic acid. This combination works synergistically and maximizes the benefits of the vitamins. We also recommend an organic product, preferably in a sublingual formula for maximum absorption.