Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics with Milk Thistle – Solve digestive problems vs mask them!

Digestive Enzymes

Don’t just mask digestive problems such as heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, bloating or leaky gut syndrome, solve them. Research shows that probiotic bacteria, (including acidophilus, one of many probiotics) help balance intestinal health and colon function. In addition, digestive enzymes are essential to break down foods so nutrients are released and absorbed. Having insufficient digestive enzymes results in loosing essential nutrients as well as diminishing the body’s ability to fight against disease and repair itself. Together, probiotics and digestive enzymes work on the deficiencies that cause digestive problems and offer a natural, healthy solution to digestive discomfort and eliminates the problem.

Our top pick digestive health products are the naturals, probiotic and digestive enzyme combination that works synergistically on digestive problems. The ones that contain many food grade enzymes for complete digestion; supplemented with a few types of bacteria for bowel health (including one billion units acidophilus); includes milk thistle to help rebuild and detoxify the liver; includes immune system support and a time released enteric coating for maximum targeted absorption.

Health benefits:

Maximize nutrient absorption and experience more energy

Increase immune function and mental clarity

Fight food cravings, depression, and anxiety

Eliminate constipation, bloating and gas

Prevent migraines and skin eruptions

Offering your body targeted nutrition with probiotics and digestive enzymes supports digestion, relieves digestive discomfort and enhances the immune system’s ability to prevent disease. Learning to live with digestive problems or taking antacids to simply mask it is not necessary when there are healthy, natural solutions to the problem.