Chinese Medicinal Herbs – Powerful Herbal Supplements With Thousands of Years of Healing History

Welcome to our reference page on herbals supplements. Chinese medicine has been practiced for thousands of years as natural sources for health and healing. Chinese medicinal herbs include a foundation of balance (yin/yang), also known as ‘homeostasis’ in western civilization. Herbal supplements are a natural and powerful way to fulfill health potential and can be a viable source for promoting vitality and longevity. Ginseng, garlic, and ginkgo biloba are among the most popular supplements to become a regular part of Western dietary supplementing which continues to grow and evolve as we adopt eastern healing traditions.

Some top herbal supplements and their benefits include:

    • Black cohosh – treatment of menopausal symptoms
    • Dong quai – relieves pms and symptoms of menopause
    • Echinacea – protects against cold and flu, immune system booster
    • Garlic – promotes cardiovascular health, enhances the immune system
    • Ginkgo biloba – improve memory & learning, promote emotional balance
    • Ginseng – improve energy and vitality
    • Kava kava – treatment of depression and anxiety
    • Saw palmetto – treatment of enlarges

prostate, stimulate appetite, aid digestion

  • St john’s wort – relieves moderate depression, assists in anxiety and rest full sleep

To learn more about the benefits of herbal supplements, we hope you enjoy our convenient resources and quality merchants. The powerful properties of ginseng, garlic, ginkgo biloba and other medicinal herbs are fascinating, rich source of potent natural healing solutions. We wish you all the best, in good health!