Arthritis, Severe Fatigue & Early Menopause – A Glyconutrition Testimonial

Over the past 9 years I’ve experienced pain in my hip joints.  Being a very active person, I typically would push through the pain to experience the joy of hiking or cycling. However, since the birth of my son three years ago, the pain became so severe that I couldn’t walk a block without tears coming to my eyes.  I began a stretching routine to keep in shape, but that, too, was limited as my hip became more inflamed. I got x-rays and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the  hip joints.

In August of 2001, I became ill with an infection which my immune system battled for over a month. Once I felt I had recovered, I was hit with another bug which again took away what little energy I had. This pattern continued for nearly 6 months with slight recovery and then dealings with another sickness. During that time I was seeing my chiropractor twice a week for adjustments which sometimes didn’t hold for 5 minutes. I was having trouble sleeping due to my hip pain and I was diligently searching for ways to help support my body to heal.  In addition, during this time, I began to have problems with my thyroid and was experiencing many of the symptoms of early menopause including hot flashes, food cravings, anxiety and leg cramps.

Through my husband, I met a woman who shared with me the power of glyconutrients. I approached this new information with hesitation and doubt as I had tried any number of suggestions in an attempt for a cure.  I have a scientific background with a degree in chemistry so it is natural for me research things and find out how they do what they claim to do. What I learned in simple terms is that our body can greatly benefit from these supplements because they help cells communicate with one another very effectively and they help the body to boost its immune response.

I began to take glyconutrients and the results have been beyond my expectations. Not only was my immune response strengthened (I now rarely get a cold), but my hip pain began to diminish.  I now can hike for as long as I’d like without discomfort in my hips and I have increased energy and focus and overall wonderful health. It took a few more months, but all of my symptoms of early menopause are now gone and no more problems with my thyroid.   ~Anne