Anti Aging Therapies and Programs’ Risk

The trick to beat the aging process as long as possible is to remain active and full of life – the understandable desire of many people looking for a fountain of youth has led to a true anti-aging boom in US.  After reading this article and still interested in Anti Aging Programs visit cenegenics reviews site, Cenegenics Elite Program is offered by Cenegenics Clinics.

The elderly of today are wrinkle-free and above all dynamic. This creates the ideal picture from the media but also gives individuals pressure to conform. “The people of our society live a lot longer, age-dynamic, fun-loving and healthier.”

The 60 year olds of today feel as good as our grandparents did at 45, “said Dr. Johannes C. Bruck of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Martin Luther Hospital at the 34th Interdisciplinary Forum “progress and training in medicine,” the Federal Medical Council in Berlin. These individuals are afraid to retain the appearance of a 60 year old, as they have grandparents with 75 years in memory, and associations to social isolation.

According to the surgeon, the use of modern medicine can be justified under certain circumstances to liberate people from an alleged stigma.

Here, aid can also be mounted by plastic surgery – but only after an individual assessment of risk and profit, then the decision of what physician to trust.
Through greater interdisciplinary collaboration, understanding the aging process has grown and evolved to new and safe surgical procedures.

In addition to plastic surgery, individual anti-aging programs are to be preserved with those concerned with life and health in regards to old age. These tenders include treatments such as hormones, nutritional recommendations, and exercise programs.

On the possibilities and dangers of hormonal treatments briefed on the forum, Dr. Cornelia Jaursch-Hancke of the German Diagnostic Clinic Foundation: “In the U.S. some hormones such as DHEA, the adrenal hormones in the supermarket labeled ‘anti-aging weapon be-sold,'” she reported.

These so-called anti-aging protocols have been based on the idea that there is a causal relationship between the age-related decline of hormones and functional loss with increasing age.

In fact, there is no doubt that the serum concentration of various hormones decreases with age. The longest and best-studied example of this is the female hormones in women. Having reached the menopause, estrogen levels were sinking down dramatically.

Typically caused by menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and sleep disturbances, many patients were taking hormone therapy improved in menopause. “Cosmetic effects, good looks and anti-aging effects, but so far have been described only anecdotally,” said Jaursch-Hancke. “Outweigh the risks to breast cancer and cardiovascular disease.”

But there is good evidence that treatment with testosterone in older women has a positive effect on their overall well-being and sexuality. Even in most men, a relative testosterone deficiency comes with age, which is often in collaboration with obesity and diabetes mellitus combined. Testosterone treatment in these patients has a favorable effect on the metabolic situation. There were, however, further studies needed, says the expert.